Recycling of Waste by Waste Separator Machine

Waste separator machine can effectively separate and dispose of various solid wastes. Solid waste has been a major and a serious global environmental problem especially when the waste comprises of nonbiodegradable substances. These wastes are classified into two main categories; industrial solid wastes and urban household solid wastes. Household wastes outweigh the industrial wastes since many of the industriescontrol their wastes.

Some of these wastes may include but not limited to plastics garbage, scrap metals, nylons among others. Note separating the solid waste into their distinct identities can help in recycling these waste thus adding value to the waste and making the environment cleaner. A good waste separation machine should operate at low costs, highly efficient and a long lasting machine so that it can be profitable.

Waste Separator Machine
Waste Separator Machine

Components of waste separator machine

The rotary separating machine and the air comprehensive winnowing system are the most important components for any waste separator machine. The rotary machine has fans that rotate at super speed creating pressure difference which in turn separate wastes based on their density. It has holes made in these fans so that wastes will also be separated based on their sizes.

On the other hand, the winnowing system blows the wastes using super compressed air so that the heavier wastes materials can be separated into their dining elements. The ferromagnetic waste materials at this stage can be separated from the rest using a magnet separator thus reducing the burden of the solid waste in the next stage.

Note that about 80% of the waste using the above machines has been separated by this point. The remaining separation is done by using special crushing and dismantling equipment that ensures the raining large solid wastes that can not be separated by the winnowing machine have been mistreated to smaller sizes for separation.

These waste sorting machines help save time and energy required to maximumly separate these solid wastes. Remember high-level technology is embraced such as the use of computerized conveyor belts to ensure that the separated material is transported to the storage facilities without mixing once again as they wait for further recycling or for selling to the third party companies.

Remember as noted earlier, the waste separator machine should always make your work easier so choose a machine from a well-reputed company to ensure that it offers the best services. The failure rate should, therefore, be very low and the waste separator machine should also be effective and particularly suitable for a large amount of waste disposal like that in urban and industrial areas. This will, in turn, be very cost effective.

waste recycling plant for sale
Waste recycling plant for sale

Specialized waste separator machine

The glass waste separating machine. This is also a computerized separating machine that can separate the glass wastes. After separating it can further sort these glass wastes according to their make and quality. It also separates the different types of glass such as ceramic, porcelain .metal glass such as lead glass and also according to the color of each individual glass.

Electronic waste Separating machine. This is a very computerized machine that uses laser technology to identify and separate any waste that consists of computers parts, mobile phones, Radios parts, television parts among others. Note these waste may contain some expensive metals that can be reused in other machines so separating them from the rest of the waste can prove significant.

Remember some of these wastes can be very harmful like those containing mercury metal which has to be separate from the rest of the waste before any other processing can be done.

Plastic waste separating machine. This machine hs the ability to separate all types of plastics such as bottles of all sizes and also crushed ones. It is designed for processing the plastics to the various sizes ranging from whole plastic item to tiny plastic grains. It also separates the plastics based on whether they are recyclable or not. Note this machine only separates plastic materials only.

Paper waste separating equipment. An automated waste recycling plant for sale to separate papers from the rest of the waste. After separating it sorts these papers according to either printed and nonprinted papers and their quality for further recycling.

Solid Waste Separation Machine/Waste Classification Equipment for Sale

Benefits of waste separator machine

Since the real separation is done by physical machines the process is chemical free which in turn may pollutants when disposing of them. This is a form of green production where everything is environmentally friendly.

Separating wastes into their individual component makes recycling possible thus reducing land pollution, unlike the traditional solid waste landfill disposal.